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Telecom Italia S.p.A. Home page


For twelve years, the Group has been analyzing its own performance with regard to the stakeholders.

Telecom Italia’s System of Values

It is the benchmark for the conduct of all those who work for the Group, creating a sense of belonging to a single organisation.

Customer focus
Taking responsibility
Time management
Professional excellence

Charters, Codes and Values


Energy consumption

The improvement in eco-efficiency compared to 2007 is approximately 35%.

Optimisation of the use of electricity

Overall reduction in consumption of 1.08%. Reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide of 1.39%.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Telecom Italia was listed as the best Italian company, among those included in the “Global 500” index, for the communication of data related to climate change in the 2008 edition.

Accountability Rating 2008

Telecom Italia is one of the top ten companies of the “S&P Mib40” index in the Accountability Rating 2008, developed by AccountAbility and other partners in order to measure the Sustainability performance of companies.